Activités sportives, randonnées et VTT


rando-land saint bonnet le château
Worksheets for circuits as a treasure hunt designed to motivate children from 4 to 12 years throughout the course.
• For each circuit, three levels are offered:
-for 4-6 years;
-for 7-9 year-olds;
-for 9-12 yrs.
• A mascot, Inspector Rando, accompany and guide children to help unravel the puzzles.
• Of the puzzles to help the child to apply and deepen educational concepts studied in class.
• Finished walks where children drag their feet. With its randoland pin, it is your child who beat the promenade, it becomes guide-Explorer.
• These indices are found on elements of historic, architectural or natural heritage (an inscription, a date on a cross, a geometrical form of a monument, the presence of a centuries-old tree,...).
• Visited so many sites and monuments which allow the child and his entourage to discover the local heritage and to marvel at the riches of the territory.
Looking for a breath of air or thirst for visits, sheets circuits Randoland both address spaces of nature as heritage-rich city sites.

You can find circuits Rando-Land Usson-En-Forez, Montarcher and soon: Saint-Bonnet-Le-Château!

To download these forms please visit the website forRando-land

or at the tourism office of Saint-Bonnet-Le-Château but they are also available at the campsite, on request.

Park Usson adventure (à 15 mn from the campsite)


3 hour perched activities to discover the different routes : green, blue , red, black and special course " toddlers " (4-6 years )


 Night walk , from the dark , discover unusual sensations of course height , an operator will assist you for an unforgettable ride !

je vais au parc d'Usson Aventure

 Parcours permanent d'orientation

courses d'orientation

La- Chapelle -en- Lafay : Small village located about ten kilometers from the campsite. Botanical and Historical Path of the chapel in lafaye is a journey of about 2.5 km, to discover the history of the village and identify species of trees and plants, according to their name, bloom, their own characteristics. Montarcher : Located 20 minutes from Saint -Bonnet -le-Chateau , Espace Sports Orientation Montarcher amménagé is a space for discovery and practice orienteering . Whether young or old, beginner or experienced hiker , discover one of four courses adapted to all ages and all levels. Using the map you will move freely in the countryside in search of the tags of your course

Info course d'orientation ....

L'aventure du rail

l'aventure du rail

 Loire Forez and  the country of Saint-Bonnet-Le-Château cooperate since 2010 in the upgrading of this road taken in order to offer a family hike-ballad.

The family rando-balade is 28 km in all, it has 5

• Saint-Marcellin-en-Forez / Périgneux station (8 km);
• Périgneux station / Luriecq (6.5 km);
• Luriecq / Valinches station, Marols (3 km);
• Valinches station / Saint-Bonnet-le-Château (5.5 km);
• Saint-Bonnet-le-Château / Estivareilles station (6 km).

This former railway is now reserved for recreation, to walk, to explore the heritage of a railway in its natural environment, which, the plain of Forez in the monts du Forez, is rich and varied. It is therefore dedicated to pedestrians, cyclists (VTC or mountain biking) and jumpers. It allows users to practise all forms of gentle movement, comfortably and safely. It thus caters to everyone and especially to families, as the slope of a railway is always low (less than 3%), but also because the route is clear (with, the railway, there is no "contested" intersection). It is a long and beautiful ramp which allows to pass from the plain to the mountains, smoothly, thanks to the numerous works of art (trenches, berms, bridges, viaducts, tunnels), whose function is
to mitigate the relief, slope, so that the train can move.

For more information you can provide information to the tourism office of Saint-Bonnet-le-Château or get the map of the course at the Camping de La Belle etoile.

 a vTT

vtt dans le forez

The network of the country of Saint-Bonnet-le-Château offers over 300 km

 of marked mountain bike trails according to the standards of the FFCT

 ( French Cycling Federation ) . 3 or 4 circuits of different technical levels

 (A -B- C- D) , are available from 5 towns and numbered

choisisez votre randos

Sur les chemins de compostelle

Starting from 300 km of hiking trails:

  GR3 ... The Way of Saint Jacques de Compostela ...  ... Corresponding to the route of pilgrims from Burgundy, crossing the Loire towards the Puy en Velay.  It crosses the Chapelle en Lafaye, Montarcher, Luriecq, Estivareilles and Apinac. Apinac Montarcher match and also two stages of routes Lyon / Puy, Cluny / Puy. A variant was also done from the hamlet of Egarande in Estivareilles, towards the Puy en Velay by plate - Usson en Forez, Craponne on Arzon, Saint Paulien etc ...  This path takes the route that passes through Bolène Usson en Forez. Come to step to see important places: * The end of the fifteenth Church, where we can see the Renaissance carved in granite pool, located at the bottom of the apse. You'll notice above the south portal a double shell, and another shell in the choir. * The museum of the mountains of Drill Rural Museum: open daily from 14 to 18 h. * At the end of Usson on the way, notice the chapel of Chambriac. This place marks the boundary of three provinces: Auvergne, Velay, Vivarais, materialized by a pole. This chapel probably built in the late eleventh by the Abbaye de la Chaise-Dieu, housed a small priory served by 2 or 3 monks. The Virgin Enthroned, only in the region, which sits to the right of the entrance, guarding the mystery of its origin. Only the choir and the apse, Romanesque, remain of the old building, built in the early nineteenth. This monument deserves to be visited. For more information on the Way of Saint Jacques de Compostela or the Bolène way, see the website of the association "On the Ways of Saint Jacques"

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