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Saint-Bonnet-le-Château stands on a plateau 870 meters above sea level, at the door of the Auvergne country.
The city developed in medieval times and prosperous market activities around the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.
The remains of the fortifications and beautiful bourgeois mansions that have survived give Saint-Bonnet-le-Château great historical and architectural interest.
Apart from the Collegiate Gothic style, the Ursuline chapel and the old neighborhoods can also visit the International Museum of the ball and pétanque balls to play, indeed Saint Bonnet le Château is the historic birthplace and international reference of authenticity of the ball.

Information to the Office of the Saint-Bonnet-le-Chateau

7 Place de la République - 42380 Saint Bonnet-Le-Chateau.


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The village 10min from St-Bonnet-le-Chateau

Marols, a small village nestled in the southern Forez mountains surprised by its charm and authenticity. Holder of a centuries-old history, visitors can admire a village perfectly restored, perspectives in waterfalls, a remarkable military and religious heritage ...
A green that invites to walk among gardens and old stone.
Marols it is also an "artists' village", artists regularly exhibit their creations that are open to the public with access to their workshops every 2nd Sunday of the month.
Marols, a lively village that will enchant you.


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The village 20 minutes 

from St-Bonnet-le-Chateau

Perched at 1160 meters, Montarcher proudly heritage charged with a tumultuous history. Invasiondes already populated before the Celts, it was, in turn, refuge, stronghold and place of worship.

Today, visitors who ride the Assault Montarcher are animated more peaceful intentions. They discover an exceptional view and a clean air source ... An ideal walk that will take you the remains of the walls of the ancient city with its beautiful chapel of the XIIth sicèle. Recent beautification efforts highlight this heritage and make you want to come back and share his secret ..