Swimming pool, Snack, Animation, Services, grocery, fishing..


During the sunny days, you will enjoy the swimming area including a large heated pool  and
a paddling pool for the youngest.

Your space eroding

La Guinguette du camping is the place to be for: snacking, drinks, ice creams and even lunch or dinner in family.


In summer time, children, teenagers and families will be able to enjoy animations  

In the evening: Karaoke, dancing party, musical blind test,etc..

By day, children activities, kind of DIY, cooking initiation.

Pétanque et Baby Foot Party .

For your comfort:

A free wifi zone, available around the snack, the swimming pool and the entrance office.
You have the possibility to order, the day before, bread and "croissants", and it will be delivered directly at the reception.

You will also find, in case of "emergency", food, drinks, toiletries, selected french wine, and local products in the reception's grocery.

  Your fishing area:                                                 

300 m from the campsite, there is a little paradise for fishermen.
The water is classified in class I.

  Eco Responsable                                                   

 Our natural environment is exceptional, that's why we have to protect it everyday, and our policy strives to preserve it.

-Since 2010 we sort the waste.

-As much as possible, we use low energy bulbs in the mobil-homes, and solar energy for the outside lights.

-We use rain water for the plants, and we have economic faucets.
-                                -We don't use weed killer and chemicals.

Reduce energy and natural ressources consumption, decrease waste quantities, should be the daily behaviour to protect our planet and make sure the future generations can enjoy the richness of nature.